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Q.  How do I turn my device on?

A. To turn on the device, press the power button 5x rapidly. The power button will flash and then illuminate when pressed (Vapr or Errl) or turn red (Flowr). This is how you will know the unit is turned on.

Q.  How long does the charge on a battery last?

A. Battery life heavily depends on the user and device and can range from 6-8hrs all the way to days if you are a light user.

Q.  How do I clean my device?

For the Vapr and Errl Editions
A. To clean the atomizer, hold the pen upside down while pressing the power button for approximately 3-5 seconds only. This should allow for all excess material to flow out of the core and air channels. Remove the atomizer from battery and take a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean the exterior and interior of the atomizer, but be sure to avoid touching the coil itself. Go over the air channels on silver ring of atomizer to help free up any wax/oil that may have collected inside. A Q-tip and rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean the inside of the mouthpiece. See manual for further information on how to properly use your vaporizer.
For the Flowr Edition
A. To clean the chamber of the Flowr pen set, use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol. Make sure the device is turned off prior to doing so. Take the q-tip and clean out chamber. Also use q-tip to clean along seams where mouthpiece attaches. This ensures the mouthpiece continues to fit snug and avoids distressing the plastic.

Q.  What if my battery light is on but there is no vapor?

For the Vapr Edition
A. As long as the atomizer hasn’t been damaged, this is usually an easy fix. Remove the atomizer from the battery, check the contacts on the battery and confirm they are both standing straight, at equal height and clean of any foreign matter. Second, clean the contact on the atomizer, spin the direction from how it was last on, and firmly re-secure the atomizer to the battery making sure there are no gaps between atomizer and battery. Push the power button and check. If problem persists, repeat prior steps and try again. Also, test the battery with other atomizers. Sometimes varying voltage affects the atomizers differently depending on age or lifespan of the iPuff™ Vape pen. Testing other atomizers will allow you to pinpoint the source and may indicate that it is a battery problem.
For the Errl Edition
A. First, ensure the heating element is secured correctly by making sure it is completely screwed into base. If problem persists, check the connector between the heating element and the base. Refer to cleaning section for further instructions. Also, ensure that the base and the connection with the battery are secure and free of debris. Lastly, test secondary heating element to see whether the problem lies with the heating element or battery.

Q.  Do I need to hold down power button while vaping?

For the Vapr and Errl Editions
A. Yes, while inhaling the power button on battery needs to be pressed to activate the heating coil. If the power button is pressed for more than 10-15 seconds continually, the battery light will flash and turn off to keep the heating element from burning out. Just wait a few seconds before activating the heating coil again.
For the Flowr Edition
A. No, you do not need to press the power button to vape. Once the temperature setting has been selected and the chamber has reached temperature as indicated by the power button turning from red to green, the pen is ready to use. Simply take your puffs and enjoy!

Q.  What does it mean if my power light flashes?

A. There could be a couple of reasons for your battery light to be flashing. If the power button flashes immediately when pushed, this means the battery is empty and needs to be charged. Plug the power cord into the battery and the small light on the bottom of the battery (Vapr or Errl) or power button (Flowr) will light up red indicating the battery is being charged. Once the charge is complete, the red light will extinguish (Vapr or Errl) or turn green (Flowr).
For the Vapr and Errl Editions
A. Another reason could be the safety setting that automatically turns the battery off after it has been pressed for more than 10-15 seconds. The battery light will flash indicating the power supply has been cut off to prevent damage to the coil by overheating. Let the atomizer cool for a couple of seconds before using again.
For the Vapr, Errl and Flowr Editions
A. If the power button flashes after battery has been charged, this indicates there is a short with either the battery or the atomizer (only Vapr and Errl Editions). Always ensure you use the provided charging cable and accessories. Variable amperage can damage the battery. Charging with alternate cables will void the warranty.

Q.  What do I do if my atomizer is clogged and I can’t get a puff out of it?

A. If your atomizer is “clogged” follow the cleaning instructions for the pen set above.

Q.  How do I fill the liquid atomizer V3.1?

A.  To fill the liquid atomizer, remove black tip and fill liquid into compartment until half to three quarters full.  It will take a couple of strong puffs to get the atomizer primed and ready to go!

Q. What is the “other” material in the iPuff™ CBD hemp oil if the active ingredient only makes up 20-25%?

A. There are various materials that comprise the remaining 75-80%. To mention only a few, there is water, chlorophyll, lipids, phytosteroids, carotenes, essential fatty acids, protein etc. Please refer to our tests results on our CBD page.

Q. What extraction process is used for the iPuff™ CBD hemp oil?

A. The CBD hemp oil is extracted using a supercritical CO2 process.

Q. Can I get high from consuming iPuff™ CBD hemp oil?

A. No. There is less than 0.001% THC which is the psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis.

Q.  How long does it take for an order to ship?

A. Typically all orders ship within 2-4 business days from receipt of payment. For replacement orders it may take longer depending on issue. Refer to Terms and Conditions for further information.

Q.  Does iPuff™ ship outside of the US?

A. Currently iPuff™ only ships within the United States for all online orders. Please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1(855)969-7833 for further assistance.

Wisconsin Joins the Fight for Hemp Cultivation

Recently, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a law which would start a pilot program for Wisconsin farmers wanting to grow industrial hemp. The law requires the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)  to write an administrative rule for the new industry within the next 90 days.


While the consumption of hemp and hemp oil products is under few federal restrictions following the Agricultural Act of 2014, signed by President Barack Obama, the decision to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp is decided on a state level. Wisconsin is historically hemp friendly; well into the first half of the 20th century, they harvested industrial hemp for use in products such as rope and fabric, but were forced to stop when the Prohibitive Marihuana Tax Law was passed by Congress in 1937. This bill has been widely speculated as being the result of political corruption and corporate greed, to eliminate a competitive industry and make way for other industries to flourish under false pretenses.










(industrial hemp as seen here can be used for many things including environmentally friendly building materials and textiles)

Hemp has long been considered a cheaper, more reliable source of industrial goods, ranging from textiles to medicine, paper, and even food products, in comparison to the currently available alternatives. The cultivation of hemp is also understood to be better for the environment as well as helpful to surrounding crops by cleansing the soil and being a crop that needs little to no pesticide treatment.

Hemp differs from marijuana in that it contains almost no THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis which gives users a “high”, is easier to grow in many different environments, and has uses in myriad industries. The new law will allows for the growth and harvesting of hemp plants containing no more than 0.3% THC, a miniscule amount when compared to the 20%+ found in medical and recreational cannabis sativa plants grown throughout the country.


Many in Wisconsin are lauding this decision by the Wisconsin Legislature as a win for farmers across the state, as well residents, who may see an increase in hemp-related jobs and products available across the state. However, some are still skeptical as to whether the hemp market will be profitable enough to warrant the legalization of hemp cultivation. This skepticism could easily be assuaged if one were to take a look at the new and booming CBD hemp oil industry, for example.


Since 2014 ipuff has been taking advantage of the Agricultural Act as well as the legalization of cannabis cultivation in Colorado to create CBD solutions for our customers all over the country. Local farmers are growing industrial hemp all over the state, this industrial hemp is used across the country to extract CBD-rich hemp oils, which are in-turn used by consumers for their many medicinal properties.

(farmers in Wisconsin cultivate industrial hemp at the turn of the 20th century.)


Without a doubt, this pilot program is going to great for the agricultural economy of Wisconsin. With upwards of 25,000 product categories for use, industrial hemp is a great addition to any state’s economy, and this program may very well lead to the introduction of permanent industry for Wisconsin.

So happy with my ipuff Flowr pen! I’ve had it for over a year, still hits like a dream every time. Great choice for a healthier alternative to smoking your herb!

John Bronner

I use ipuff Botanics CBD products with all my massage clients. I liked their products so much, I sent some to my parents, now they are hooked, too. This stuff is the real deal.

Steve Brown

I love my new CBD ipuff pen. The flavor is nice and it is very easy and convenient to use. Will definitely order more products.

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Best Vape pen I have used in a long time. Super easy to use, super discrete, I like how they are local and stand behind their product. Great for CO2 Oil in the tanks they have. Bought mine from the owner himself and they have always done upgrades throughout the years. I would suggest this […]

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Great customer service, these guys rock!!! Not to mention a very versatile product for the all-in-all vapor enthusiast…

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