iPuff Vape™ LLC is a Denver based handheld vaporizer company focused on providing a healthy, smoke-free alternative to tobacco and carcinogen rich products. We are committed to helping the world one puff at a time…

As part of our commitment, a great deal of time and resources are dedicated to research and development in order to provide our customers with the #1 solution for handheld vaporization. We want to ensure that we not only provide our users with the best functionality, but also superior quality and proven reliability. And best of all, this ideal solution comes packaged in a small, sleek design that allows for discreet use anywhere you choose to take it.

The team here at iPuff Vape™ has many years of experience in the industry and has utilized this expertise and insight to design the ideal solution for our customers. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and will ensure our customers always come first.

Come join the iPuff Vape™ team and let us take care of all your vaping needs.

So happy with my ipuff Flowr pen! I’ve had it for over a year, still hits like a dream every time. Great choice for a healthier alternative to smoking your herb!

John Bronner

I use ipuff Botanics CBD products with all my massage clients. I liked their products so much, I sent some to my parents, now they are hooked, too. This stuff is the real deal.

Steve Brown

I love my new CBD ipuff pen. The flavor is nice and it is very easy and convenient to use. Will definitely order more products.

Trina H

I’m 6’7 and on my feet all day so I usually get lower back pain midday. I was looking for a faster relief from the pain rather than taking 4 pills every few hours. I take about 10 puffs and the pain begins to diminish, after a few minutes it’s completely gone! Not crazy about […]

Nate Roberts

Best Vape pen I have used in a long time. Super easy to use, super discrete, I like how they are local and stand behind their product. Great for CO2 Oil in the tanks they have. Bought mine from the owner himself and they have always done upgrades throughout the years. I would suggest this […]

Jordan Rogers

Great customer service, these guys rock!!! Not to mention a very versatile product for the all-in-all vapor enthusiast…

Justin Staley